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Life has been changing drastically right after when you have left your college and registered yourself as a social freshman. Start working, I meant. I'm not sure whether you will experiencing the same like what I do, but one thing for sure we start to make questionable life choices when we're entering our mid 20s. Undoubtedly, "25" has become numbers which function like a reminder to me about who and what I supposed to be and could have been. For instance, when we're entering 25,

1. We are trying hard to achieve the work life balance.

Are you  also the one wakes up before the sun rises, and reaches home from work after the sun goes down? We all at this age are heads down and hard at work, but meanwhile thinking that after-work life is equally important. Sadly, this one not everybody can knock off sharp on time since we come from different backgrounds.

How I wished I may jog after work, but it was too dark and late for me when I get home. Yet, I will be contented if I'm able to snatch some time for catching up with friend for dinner or watching an episode of series. Now time has no more flexible like when you were in college. Those memories when you can skip classes and sleep at room are too bitter to recall.

2. We need a consistent community, and they called Friends, for happiness.

I am still working out on this dream which I have set a couple of years ago. A bunch of good friends where you can share whatever shits and craps just like what happened in "How I Met Your Mother" series. I don't care I could be Ted or Barney, but I wish to chill with a consistent community that you are comfortable with.

There is no better feeling than mixing around with those friends when you are doing good or not in work, relationship and life. However, friends at this age have their own partners and it's no more to date them. Jealousy from the other side comes in when our friends spend too much times with us, according to their partners.

3. We are still on the road not taken, because life is full of choices.  

Basically, up to this point, all these are talking about me. I am not the type of person who is firm and confident to what I really want probably at this age of mid 20s. I will be freaking out and panicking sometimes on whether what I am doing is correct. Will I be successful if I work as an Engineer? Or maybe I should go for teaching? I will be shaken when something is trying to shake me.

25 will definitely be a wonderful and challenging year for me. There are too many things are going to be confirmed at this age. Perhaps there shouldn't be any road not taken. And once it has decided, it should be stamped and stuck to it. We reap what we sow. Let's don't stop believing, and keep trusting in ourselves! 
Hello, the website has been abandoned for quite some times although I still feel like writing to records my life bit by bit. I would definitely be grateful if you come back to here once a while. I promise I will still like to write if you like to read. 

Chap Goh Meh has just finished, but the delightful new year 2016 undoubtably come on the good timing for me to "turn a new leaf". The lousy cliche on social media "New Year, New Me" just hit right on my face. I need a new year to wash away my bad lucks, and I have to be revived!

Talking a little about how was my favorite new year 2016 going... It was somehow enjoyable than I was expected. If you ask me what I enjoyed the most? I would say, "Gathering with friends"! All those secondary school good moments just came back this year.

Perhaps it has related to my mindset I've set for myself before the festival. I used to be passive to invite or organise outings. But, this year, I want to meet my friends! Unexpectedly, friends were most supportive and we truly had a great time together. 

Imagining a table of people come with backgrounds as doctors, pharmacist, teacher, engineers, and even politician! We spent almost 4 hours on Starbucks playing a game which needs to have a tacit mutual understanding. Connecting back with bros from secondary school is what I've always looked for.

Chor 3, I went back to visit my Alma Mater, Keat Hwa K primary school which is now Keat Hwa H primary school. Last time Keat Hwa K and H shared the same building. The fond feelings towards my school which has cultivated and trained me to what I am today, and those kiddy moments chasing on the pavements will never be forgotten, forever.

May 2016 be a great year for you and me, and brings all the prosperities and joyous to you and your family! Hopefully it's not too late to send my best wishes to you. Till we meet on my next post. Stay tune! 


I couldn't believe what had just happened on my 1st day of 2016! I've got myself a guitar early in the morning today even when I don't really wake up from bed. And additionally, I've also signed myself up for a guitar lesson directly up to 3 months last night for fundamental level. It was a dream comes true for me, although I was just about to kick start this brand new year. 

Learning guitar has always been in my list since I was young. For making it real, I've been thinking over whether choosing a brand new guitar or used ones since I'm just a beginner. However, I've come across a guitar with brand Suzuki SCG-11 on Carousell, which is an Instagram alike online shopping app. It was selling at $85 with descriptions like "Condition 9.5/10 and only used once".

I googled the specifications of the guitar and I noticed it was pretty good. Yet, I was pretty shocked to see the original price is around $200. Earlier, I've stumbled upon a used Yamaha CG-130 guitar where the owner wanna clinch a deal at $60. I tried to approach the Suzuki guitar owner and he wanna sell me at $78 for final price. Although I thought this figure looked "alang-alang", but I still agreed since it really looked quite new. 

The condition does not look like 9.5/10 as the strings are rusty when we met and I was asked to check the guitar. I remember that I asked the owner how long he has been using the guitar, but the owner was hesitant. But, he admitted that the guitar is 3-years old now. I was a bit down because I thought that it was 1-year old and about to put down the guitar. A minute later, the owner offered me $60. Feeling guilty still, he offered me $50 for final. And, I said DEALT! 

Checking on the guitar clearly when I was home and I found it still look pretty new, other than the strings looks a bit rusty. I received an apology text from the owner explaining he didn't mean to cause misunderstanding. I think he is a sincere guy, and I didn't get mad at him, although I think he might get scolded by somebody else if wasn't me. I told him no worries and I will bring the guitar to re-string. It is my first guitar in life!

Signing a guitar lesson is considered impulsive, but with planned. Dreams would always just be dreams if no action taken. Besides, instead of saying "dreams", I would rather call it as "plans". Plans are always come with actions, but dreams are merely within imagination. After searching for a couple music schools, I feel grateful for finding one not far from my neighborhood. And every Wednesday night in 2016, I can be back as a student for something that I love- Musics. 

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'm able to sing for you with my guitar.  
Once again, Happy New Year 2016! :) 
The most exciting day has come after years of hard work paid off. With the help of my sister, Geok Teng, I have gotten my robe and mortar board sent over to my hometown. Feeling sorry for her as in between there is too much red tape involved while borrowing the robe and registering myself as the new alumni. Anyway, the official day for us to shine and live our life we imagined has finally arrived!

Early beginning, I knew I must get everything well prepared, and hence all the flight tickets, accommodation, and transportation for my family to Kuching, Sarawak had been booked 4 months ago. This time would be a little unique to us as our little Prince George, who is just 7-months old now is joining the trip. Of course, my family's attendance is very meaningful to me. "Without them, without me!"

Truthfully, for such a historical event happening in my life, a surge of mixed feelings came to my heart. The feelings were described beyond words, where there are both happiness and sadness. I know I might lose something important, but meanwhile I am gaining something significant. I'm not sure you guys feeling the same when you were graduating? 

The answers got revealed until I met my best friends. I know tI have no way to look for friends like them who have understood my personalities, yet willing to accept me like who I am. We have walked through ups and downs in our university life, laughed and cried, kissed and fought. Opps, kissing is not allowed. They have got me realized that my university life would be not complete if without them.

At first I thought I might lose the chance to meet them in Kuching as planned, due to uncertainties happened in my trip. The car rental company broke the promise and his no show had caused our trip got delayed. I was psychologically prepared that the outing would be to no avail. In addition, that night was raining cats and dogs. 

Luckily, luck was by my side. I have settled my family down and I was on time to meet them. 4-months was like 4 years, we grasped the time spending together, and I was glad to hear that everyone is doing good in their own careers. But unfortunately, we all will go our separate ways and perhaps different countries soon. Flexible schedule would be another thing that I will lose after my graduation.

However, there's a believe in me where, when God closes a door, he will open a window for you. In other word, graduation is just my beginning of something new. Although I have been keeping complaining about short of time after started working as an adult, but inevitably this moment is when I can truly realize my dreams where they have made years ago. 

I would like to thank my family, friends, lecturers and anybody who has come into my life to bring me up to this stage. I can do nothing much, but feeling grateful for their existence and supports. Not forgetting to make apologies for the mistakes made during the past four years, if there was any. 

"Studying abroad" at Borneo is a right decision made, although thousand of ringgit spent on Air Asia. Knowledge, memories, and experience are worth more than that for sure. Besides, graduation isn't an ending to our friendship. A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never apart.


From now onwards, those memories will be embedded vividly in my mind like how:

May - complaining about cucumber
Ben - afraid when exposing to sunlight
Chia Jie - going to class with messy hair and without shower
James - looking for toilet after every single meal
Kwang - turns a new leaf in final year which has a big difference from year one
Kah Seng - being called as Seng Gor Gor by me, and many others from many other friends

BlogList Malaysia 

A few days ago, I received an invitation email from BlogList Malaysia about Blog Action Day. I thought it was a blogger meet up event, but I was kinda emotional thinking that I might miss it when I saw the date 16th Oct since no earlier notification. After discovering further, I just realized that I don't have to attend physically to support the participation, but writing an entry with the core theme "Raise Your Voice" for the event.

As a member under BlogList Malaysia, of course I would be more than willing to support this event. Joining BlogList Malaysia was mysterious to me. I've never known about BlogList Malaysia before, and none of my friends told me either. Until someday, someone had anonymously sent my blog to BlogList Malaysia to be listed as one of the interesting and informative blogs. Surprisingly, my blogposts have reached more than 10K pageviews within 10 months! (*Thanks a million!)

Why I am Proud to be #JustABlogger 

Starting to blog is mainly because I wish to improve my English. I used to be a native Chinese speaker since I was from Chinese primary and secondary school. However, I got fond of English when the more I got in touch with English. I still remember I cried over a English story telling competition when I was in my Standard 3. I paused in the middle due to I hardly remember the scripts. They were too deep to me, yet I wondered why I got selected to represent my class. Everybody stared at me in silence, watching my embarrassing moment in life. 

Although I'm still on my way improving my English, but very shy to say I'm able to converse and write in English more confidently compared to the younger me. Taking up blogging has even triggered me to read more on articles, journals, newspaper more often. I read Medium everyday (highly recommended). Sometimes, when you think of writing a cool entry, you will automatically get yourself to read more. I believe this is chemistry and I won't stop it from happening to me.

By blogging, I'm willing to share more of my own stuff if compared to other social medias like Facebook or Instagram. We would be easily tagged as an attention seeker simply because when our statuses, posts or photos get more likes. Nevertheless, blogging lets me be who I am and what I like share by my writings. Yet, I believe those who visit your blog are those who care about you. 

Apart from that, I've gotten to be more concern about the details of my daily life. You would be very particular to the feelings on that moment, and the surroundings of that place. When those elaborations make it a good story, life could be so precious when you have something solid to reminisce. We could be very forgetful sometimes, but a journey starts only when you write

Okay, it's time to raise my voice...

Frankly speaking, blogging once a mainstream social media back to the previous generation where everybody owns a blog for sharing their thoughts and life. It has also been a useful tool for many politicians to win the votes during the 2008 Malaysian Election. However, as time goes by, words have been replaced by statuses, phone calls have turned to whatsapp texts, and worse still, hitting likes button has become showing supports and voices.

I strongly believe we have so many issues to voice out as a Malaysian, especially when our country is now facing severe currency depreciation. Within the scope of security, we have our freedom to voice out for curbing the national critical issue hand-in-hand. We could help to analyze issues, give legit opinions, encourage and inspire more people to make a righteous nation. Every effort of yours to change a better nation is counted and very much appreciated. 

 To conclude, 

Happy Blog Action Day! 

I'm not a famous blogger and I don't get paid to blog, but I love to blog, because I'm proud to be just a blogger. I appreciate those who visit my blog and I do hope more and more people take up blogging. You will know how the positive effect blogging brings to your life. Besides, you will have more power to inspire more people when you have ample of different perspectives by reading and writing.

Every time I attended any events my friends would ask me, "Hey Gideon, faster take pictures for your blog!". This is touching when someone actually remember I have something great to show. I'm not sure whether they have been influenced or entertained by my blog posts. Nevertheless, when what you do has been recognized by others, it makes you feel awesome.

I'm trying everyday to share great ideas to more people through my blog, and I'd be truly honored if you can share me yours as well. Please don't hesitate to drop me a comment below and I'd love to read yours. Let's raise your voice and happy blogging!
Do you know that everybody can own a blog, but not everyone can be a blogger? It was like everybody is born with the ability to talk, convey our thoughts, exchange concepts and ideas. But, during the process of talking, someone can either get flattered or offended. You might be wondered such an easy ability can screw thing up sometimes. *Never ever complain your hubby's friend's wedding on your blog, okay?

Talking should come with the two-way situation. A communication doesn't works if one party is not on the mood to talk, talk too much or too less. The way of talking could be straight-to-the-point, lengthy-preachy, hard and soft. It is confirmed (stamp + chop) beneficial to us if you have succeeded in talking, but bear in mind the odd will against us if you don't. It is just a thin line between yes or no, but the choices always depend on you.

I gained an insight into this issue after I stepped out to the society. I'm afraid that I might take the knocks from my honest mistake or fault in my sayings which I committed unintentionally. This had happened to me recently when I made a joke on my friend and she got hard feelings. I didn't mean in that way, but I couldn't help for stopping her from sadness.

Besides, there was once I went to take my lunch in a restaurant. A naggish customer got a roast duck vendor shift off out of a sudden. A thunderous banging filled the restaurant when the vendor smacked his big heavy knife on the board. A quarrel started with all foul words. I was shocked and never expected this as I thought they were joking around. The naggish uncle summoned the police as he thought his life got threatened with knife. I fled after I finished my roast duck life. My life had been threatened either. LOL

It takes all sorts to make a world and people are from all walks of life. We might not know whether one is having a hard time. You can choose your own way of talking, but you must be responsible for the consequences. I believe if you talk with the right way to the right person, it eases many things in life. How we talk reflects our character and what the content is in our conversation shows the depth of our mind.

Sometimes I wondered why Alor Setar airport has limited flight schedules where Alorstarian have to either fly to Kuala Lumpur or take bus to Penang for doing transit to their destination. However, it could be very tiring especially when the whole journey from Alor Setar to Penang International Airport has included 1 hour and a half bus ride (from Alor Setar - Butterworth), 15 minute ferry ride (from Butterworth - Penang island) and not forgetting 1 hour Rapid Penang ride (from Penang Jetty - Airport).

Although I had used more than three modes of transportation, however, something strange was happening on my way to Penang. A group of people with unfamiliar faces were spouting in laughter. I know my homeland all these while has brought in foreign labors, but I was surprised when the ferry was seated by mostly foreign labors. This is not the scene I used to see while I enjoyed the sea views with the gentleness of the wind caressing on the ferry. Time flies, people change, and so does the place.

At first, I felt uncomfortable when surrounded by foreign labors. Perhaps I had been gradually influenced by the negative news or crime related to foreign labors when I was young. It was like you were worried yourself will be kidnapped or fallen prey to their plot. Of course, it was merely my fantasy. One swallow doesn't make a summer, right? Even those who lent you a helping hand may not not necessarily an angel with wings, but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

After I've put my foot into their shoes, I realized they must have their legitimate grievances. If not, no one is willing to leave to their homeland and come uninvited to a foreign kingdom. Living in a place that doesn't belong to you and bear with scoffs and sneers. Being judged by others' rosy-glasses and no where to pour out their woes. I got to know this closer when I might be in their situation be a foreign labor in another country.

Perhaps there would be like voices commenting that you are not loyal to your country for escaping to other country. But, trust me, no one understands you more other than yourself. You know your hometown doesn't have a job opportunity for you to become an engineer, although it has been well known with its symbolic paddy field. No one understands you more about how terrible is your country currency dropping. No one understands you more about you were about not able to support yourself and family if you don't initiate your plan B.

No one understands you!

And I couldn't forget the expression from my mom when I waved goodbye to her, either at home or the airport. I used to give her and dad a warm hug every time they sent me to the airport. I think every sweet hello also must come with a warm goodbye. Although it's hard for us to say goodbye, but it is impolite if you leave without a proper goodbye. The farewell without a goodbye leaves the one suffering or hanging to wait for your goodbye. Just, sometimes I was afraid my mom will miss me so hard at home.

I miss her, I miss my dad, sister and cutest nephew.

No one will like to leave their home, if there is an option for them to choose. Home is where your family is with you. Nothing comes easy for foreign labors. If you think they earn much in your country, trust me, they are sacrificing something much in the meanwhile. Show some respect for them, our success in one round doesn't guarantee success in the next, and what we should do is feeling grateful what we have now.

-Thanks for reading-
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